Contact Us and Let’s Get Started

The only way we know you need something is to receive a contact message from you.  The contact form is straightforward, but if you miss a field, it will not send and you’ll get frustrated or give up.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Provide an answer for EVERY field on the form.
  • A Thank You page will appear a few seconds after you click “Submit”.
  • If it does not, look carefully at the form for missing fields outlined in RED.
  1. There is NO OBLIGATION until your stuff is installed.
  2. Fill out every field and submit the form.
  3. Take pictures of all your equipment with your phone.
  4. Text all those pictures to 608-213-9981.

Take pictures of your furnace and/or A/C unit from ALL SIDES and take close-up pictures of all the nameplates.  Here’s what a nameplate looks like.

Text pictures to 608-213-9981

Be sure that the phone number you enter in the contact form is what you use to send us your pictures so we can match them.

Urgent or emergency situation?

If you have a complete system failure or you’re very close to failure, select “yes” in the urgent field.

You'll Get a Fast Response

We usually call back within 30 minutes, most times much quicker.  Please keep your phone handy.

Answer ALL Questions

Answer to every question then click the SUBMIT button and WAIT for the THANK YOU PAGE saying that it was sent.

What We Do With Your Information

We use your information only to process your request.  We do not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any of your personal information.

Please Note

It will take a few seconds to process your form.  If you do not get a Thank You page after that, scroll back up to see if you missed any questions.  Missing answers will have a RED border.